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Guests that signed my guestbook
(P.S. By clicking on someones name you can go to his/her homepage if he/she one has)


nr.NameAgeDateCountry, HomeRating
9Sophie14apr 26 '98Bjarred, Sweden9
8Family van Oers/\/\april 19 '98Roosendaal, Netherlands10
7Victoria14april 18 '98Ontario, Canada10
6Sacha15april 18 '98Prinsenbeek, Netherlands7
5Jetty43april 18'98Eindhoven, Netherlands7
4Erwin Konings23april 13 '98Roosendaal, Netherlands7
3Carmen de Bruine14april 9 '98Kloetinge, Netherlands10
2Soiux19april 9 '98Leersum, Netherlands6
1Eva Klijn13april 8 '98Breda, Netherlands9

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