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Hi. My name is Frank de Bot. I'm 14 years old.
I've made this homepage all by myself, the design and the language

My hobbies are: to play the violin, surfing on the 'net and building webpages
I want to make money with this, if you want to make a homepage thru, it isn't so expensive like other companies, mail me then:debot@worldonline.nlAt this moment I haven't a homepage about it, so you must mail me

I have 1 sister and 1 brother. If you search for their homepages you can search for a very long time, they don't want a homepage.Most of the time they are irritating, but sometimes nice(if they aren't at home)

At first I was a member of the youth-fire-brigade. It was fun, until....... it became to much like school. Under the photograph of me are some pictures of that time.

That's me

My team

Me and my commander in action

At last, this game is over

At home we have 1 rabbit, 1 fish in an aquarium and 3 fishes in our pond. Most of our fishes were frozen to dead last winter.
Under this text is a picture of our rabbit in.

Wake up old lazy rabbit!!

I love it to kart. This kartingcourse was on Tenerife near Playa de las Americas.

Hury up!!




Mission Imposible

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